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Sri Lankas Largest bio compostable pakcaging manufacturing facility

Our Vision

To be the leader in environmentally sustainable packaging solutions by pushing the boundaries of Innovation to bring our customers cutting edge sustainable solutions from across the world

About Us

Gasic Polymers Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of eco packaging products with over 15 years of experience in the trade. we are currently the largest bio compostable bag manufacturer in Sri Lanka with over 15 million starch based bags manufactured every month. A key part of our purpose is to provide alternatives to Plastic and polythene and actively promote these solutions in the market that are better for the environment.

As the main manufacturer supporting the country’s top 5 supermarket chains, we have established ourselves as an innovative, high quality, consumer focused organization geared to remain ahead of the rapidly changing industry dynamics.

As the world turns its focus to combat climate change and environmental pollution, Gasic Polymers joined the revolution, undertaking key strategic initiatives to promote the sustainable use of polythene via the introduction of cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions to the market place. In supporting these initiatives, Gasic Polymers opened its newest venture into recycling with Ecopoly Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2014 & Eco 360 bio compost brand for compostable bags and has since introduced a range of innovative bio-degradable alternative material based products, Invested in and funded poly recycling projects and actively promoted the use of bio-degradable & compostable garbage bags across the country.

One of the key projects undertaken by us in the recent years is the innovative Close Loop Recycling Process (CLRP), which was introduced to meet the needs of the Sri Lankan apparel industry. With the country’s growing Apparel and Textile industry, supporting some of the world’s leading retail brands, Gasic Polymers remains a Supply partner to Sri Lanka’s leading apparel manufacturers. Our initiatives of Recycling and bio compostable products have to-date reduced as much as 2000 tons of plastic from contaminating the environment.

Key Customers

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Plastic Reduction counter as of 2023

Recycling & Reuse of Plastic Waste – 1200 tons 

Alternatives provided via compostables saving 194.2 million plastic bags from entering the environment


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