Going Green

Introduction of Bio Degradable  & Compostable  bags to the Sri Lankan market.

Starch based bio degradable and compostable bags are mainly made using corn starch and PLA. We at Gasic Polymers are focused on moving to a sustainable, plastic free and pollution free future. Eco360  Range was started as out as the earth friendly Segment and Introducing these bags to the Super-market sector of Sri Lanka was spearheaded by us keeping up with our love for the environment. These bags decompose in home compost conditions under 6 months and are a great alternative to the plastic pollution issue in our Island and world over


Establishing a dedicated recycling plant for poly waste recycling

Together with our subsidiary company Ecopoly Solutions, we have established a cleaning and recycling facility, which currently operates with a capacity of 300,000 Kgs employing 25 staff members from the local area.

Introducing the Close Loop Recycling Process (CLRP) to the Sri Lankan the apparel industry

Innovative Close Loop Recycling Process (CLRP), which was introduced to meet the needs of the Sri Lankan apparel industry. This process ensures 100% recycling and reuse of bags within the selected apparel manufactures ensuring zero disposal of polythene at plant level.